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aug 3, 2017   //   by Morten Garnæs   //   blog, Press  //  1 kommentar

Going in and out the decades, NightFlight has been playing the catchy funky tunes since Christmas 1983. In 2008, the album ‘A Great Relief’ was released, containing songs like ‘What A Waste’, ‘Woman In Love’ and lots of other catchy tunes. In 2011, the latest album ‘Nobody’s Home’ was released with guest rap vocalist MC Tia on two of the tracks. Titles like ‘Love One Another’, ‘Firekeeper’ and ‘Take It Easy’ were among the funky stuff, that not only pulled your feet, but also had some food for the mind.

As it turned out, the band now has a more laid back attitude towards fortune and fame and are slowly picking new stuff for a coming album, probably only on streaming services. The band is always having a party when playing – and the audience are always thrilled by listening or even dancing in the aisles.

As for the past year, a knew concept with small garden concerts and distance between the audience has been tested and turned out to be fun. However, more fun than not doing concerts. Two events are coming up: Aug 29th and Sep 18th, but before that, the release of a single July 31st.

You can follow the latest updates on the Facebook page – NightFlight Mk4.

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