December 1983, starting as an ad hoc ensemble, the first steps were taken with two singers, nine horn players and the basics keys, guitar, bass and drums. The inspirational sources were (and still are) groups like Tower Of Power, Earth, Wind & Fire, Steely Dan and more.

With some changes during the first years, NightFlight found it’s form, but due to economy and logistic difficulties, the horns were reduced to a five piece in 1986. This was the way, things were going until 1992, where a long break took it’s beginning.

In the new century, Morten Garnaes assembled a new bunch of people with some old ones amongst, Lars Lavendt on guitar for one.

Now, NightFlight Mk4 comes with a 10-piece band and a male vocalist. The two albums ‘A Great Relief’ (2008) and ‘Nobody’s Home’ (2011) have got some nice words along the way, but never became a succes commercially. With this in mind, the band takes it more easy and are slowly gathering stuff for digital release some time in the future. You can find the latest stuff on streaming services like Spotify.